Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!!

Well, Halloween is this coming Wednesday evening and once again Genesis Security has increased its number of Community Patrol vehicles on the street to make sure that all the trick-or-treaters have a great time in a safe environment.

In the meantime, we have once again jotted down a few safety tips for both the parents and kids:

• Make sure they stay on sidewalks, always walking and never running.
• It’s a good idea if they stay in neighborhoods that are familiar to them.
• They should carry a flashlight and wear reflectors
• Whatever shoes are being worn should fit; even if they are not part of the
• Only approach homes that are well lit.
• Do not attempt to approach any pets that they don’t know.
• Make sure their costumes don’t drag on the ground.
• Ensure that your children understand and obey all traffic signs.
• Have your kids go through their treats with you when they get home.
• It’s also a good idea to make sure that your children have a few quarters so
that they can call home if they have to.

By the way, did you know how Halloween actually got its start?

It can be traced back to the Druids and the feast of the Samhain, which was an annual practice held every 31st of October to honor the dead. Samhain translates to “summers end” or November and it was a harvest festival that had massive bonfires that marked the end of the Celtic year and the beginning of the new one.

The Celts believed the souls of the dead roamed through the streets within the village and with their fear that not all the spirits would be friendly, gifts and treats were left outside to pacify the evil ones and ensure the following year’s crops would be plentiful. This is the custom that evolved into “trick-or-treat”!!!!

One last thing everyone; Ashley Meehan, our new Director of Alarm Services has published a Newsletter with fresh content that is going to be delivered to as many businesses as we can get out to tomorrow in the Kerrisdale neighborhood, so keep an eye out for the Community Patrol.

Be safe everyone and don’t eat too much candy.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Article In The Province

Just a quick note to all our readers out there that on the 17th of October, Genesis Security had a feature article in the Province newspaper which related directly to our services and the free Community Patrol that we have established and recently expanded upon, in the community.

As the article clearly states, it is our intention to expand this free program across the Fraser Valley and eventually the entire province of British Columbia. As a community, we all need to be proactive in our approach to crime and act as the extra eyes and ears that will assist our police whenever possible, which is exactly what we hope to accomplish with the Community Patrol.

Building this company over the past ten years from 6 employees to over 500 has been possible not only because of my professional, loyal staff; but as well it is due to our commitment to the Community and our clients recognizing this and reinvesting in us.

Genesis will continue to look for new and innovative ways to assist all of our neighbors and I can personally tell you that I look forward to the next ten years of serving your needs.

Friday, October 19, 2007

DVBIA Luncheon

Yesterday, I found myself at the Four Seasons Hotel for a luncheon which saw our new Chief Constable of Vancouver, Jim Chu speaking as a special guest of the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association.

As Genesis was one of the primary sponsors of this event, I was fortunate enough to have the honor of speaking to the audience beforehand and introducing the new Chief.

Sitting here now reviewing my speech, I truly do believe that bringing this city of ours into the 2010 experience and making an impact on crime is not just the job of our police. Every person and business must step forward and participate in the process; doing what they can in their own way.

While speaking, Chief Chu impressed me with certain initiatives that the VPD are currently studying relating to Chronic Offenders and property offenses.

With that being said, I would like to thank Chief Chu for coming out today and showing everyone that he is taking this job very seriously and is already beginning to study viable options that may ease the crime within the city and change the way in which we deal with the offenders involved.

Genesis Security wishes the Chief success in his new position and looks very forward to continuing our successful relationship with the VPD.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Al Gore's Visit

Al Gore was in town this past 29th of September as part of his “Inconvenient Truth” speaking tour which he presented at the Westin Bayshore to a more than enthusiastic crowd and Genesis was fortunate enough to be contracted to provide him with personal protection during his stay.

Aside from being an unbelievably gifted public speaker who carries a very strong message, I found Mr. Gore to be a true gentleman who captured his audience’s attention with his charged delivery and sincere approach.

We are honored to have been selected for this job and all of my team members involved have stated how much they enjoyed both the work and the principal involved.