Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Genesis Guard Saves the Day..............

Just received a great email, with a bit of humour added, about one of my Guards that works for the Coast Plaza Hotel on Comox St. in Vancouver.

The email was sent by one of the managers to the GM, who then forwarded it to me. While it has nothing to do with security issues per se, I thought the part of "grandpa" not being registered was quite humorous and it's always very pleasing to read about one of my team giving great service.

The email starts out complimenting my Guard on his thouroughness, good attitude and willingness to complete all the assigned tasks and then continues on with the following;

"More importantly, Peter was able to help a little boy today. The child had become separated from his parents and was frantically knocking on the door to the guest room he was in. As no one answered, he started to panic.
Peter gave him access and called me right away. The young boy knew his grandparents were also staying somewhere in the hotel. Peter tried to find out their name. Unfortunately, "grandpa" was not registered. We tried to find the room of the grandparents by other means, as Peter continued to talk to the boy. Eventually, the person came to the room and all is well. Peter saved the day."

Great work Peter, it's letters/emails like this that make my day!!!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Genesis In Home Makeover Magazine

We recently had Ashley Meehan, our Director of Advanced Services, interviewed for the June edition of Home Makeover magazine, which is published by BIV Magazines.

The article itself is titled “Stop Thief!” and concentrates on frustrated homeowners who are now beefing up on their home security.

Quoting such statistics as Vancouver having a ratio of 1100 break-ins per 100,000 residents as opposed to New York City which has a ratio of 300 to 100,000 and the fact that we have the second highest property crime rate among all major cities in Canada and the United States really opens up ones eyes when considering to buy an alarm system or not.

I found the article to be a very good read and have posted it here for anyone who wishes to view it for themselves.

Remember if you have any questions at all regarding Home Security, I encourage you to call Ashley at our offices anytime during business hours.