Thursday, November 25, 2010

“Oh, You Better Watch Out...”

You better not cry, You better not pout...Because it’s not only Santa who will be coming to your home during the holidays. At this time of the year, home invaders are on the lookout and are just waiting for you to leave on your vacation.
This creates an easy opportunity for them to break in, unnoticed and get away with your valuables. Don’t be a victim. When planning your trip be sure to contact your security company to do random home checks while you are gone. Make sure that they collect any newspaper or mail that piles up and have them store it until your return. They can even do interior checks, open and close blinds, or turn on different lights to create the illusion that someone is home. Invest in a light timer; this is an inexpensive way to deter thieves to believe someone is home.
Remember tis the season to be jolly; so plan ahead this year and contact your security company, or us at Genesis Security Group today.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Park Safe

Even with the latest anti-theft devices that come with new cars today, vehicles are still being stolen. In August alone over 400 vehicles were reported stolen just in Vancouver.
There are many factors that make it easy for a thief to steal your car, the main one being opportunity. This is why it is important to park your car in a well lit area, in attended lots or in higher volume traffic areas.
How many times have you heard a car alarm go off and ignored it? Needless to say, most thieves are not deterred simply by a loud noise; therefore, it is a good idea to use some sort of security device that would delay the thief such as “the Club” or any other physical locks or bars.
Although most thieves steal cars to profit from parts or the car itself, many will just break into your car for something they can sell quickly. Therefore it is important to try not to keep anything of value in the car or at the very least keep it hidden. Keep in mind that for someone determined enough, it is very easy to steal or break into your car. It can happen in seconds! Use your discretion when parking and remember these useful tips to prevent this from happening to you.