Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Violence as a Last Resort

Ju-do = “the gentle way”. You don’t need to know the martial art itself to practice peaceful ways. We can all apply this ancient skill to our everyday lives. Even verbal self defence (a.k.a “Verbal Judo” ) when combined with common knowledge and training can de- escalate or end an attempted assault. Practicing a nonviolent approach gives one more control and with less effort.

Last week during our Canucks Stanly Cup playoff coverage for Rogers, SportsNet and CTV, we had a situation occur where one of our highly trained guards used peaceful tactics in preventing a rambunctious fan from ploughing into CTV’s Sarah Galashan. In a calm and restrained way our guard was able to deflect him away and onto the ground in a safe manner -allowing the reporter to continue her news report. The guard then refused to engage verbally and ended the conversation. In this type of incidence it is especially fundamental to stay calm in order to protect yourself and others. These kind of tactics are also very proficient at diffusing the anger of others.

In every day life at Genesis, we see all kinds of angry people in these circumstances, and, as trained security guards, we’ve learned how to effectively calm and diffuse any difficult situation.
Genesis Security would like to personally thank all of our trained security guards who were so courageous, calm and proficient in handling the mob during the Stanley Cup Riot 2011.

“Violence is the last resort of the incompetent”- Lorne Bozinoff


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