Friday, May 13, 2011


Your “Gut-feeling” or Intuition is a life saving indicator that can sometimes be telling you that you’re in serious danger, and to be prepared to take appropriate steps to defend yourself and/or others. It is often right.

One of our guards, S/O Jody was attending one of our sites for a scheduled patrol and came across a Green Honda in the parking lot. He had noted this vehicle on site during his first patrol and felt it to be suspicious. He approached the vehicle without hesitation and asked the occupants some basic questions regarding the vehicle and in general what they were up to. One of the occupants of the vehicle replied in confidence to Jody’s questions and advised him that they were just waiting for a friend to bring them gas as they had run out. Jody had an instinct to follow-up on this matter and decided to call non-emergency police to run the plates. At that time a dispatcher was advised that they were having a car attend site. Within a short time five Burnaby RCMP cars were on site surrounding the vehicle with guns drawn and finally removed occupants from vehicle and they were shortly placed under arrest. The vehicle was reported stolen and the male occupant was reported to have been in an altercation a few days prior where he had been stabbed three times. He was taken to hospital and the female occupant was taken into custody.

Jody has created a safer community on behalf of Genesis Security Group and we are proud to have him on our team.

Thank you Jody for the great work!


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