Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Playing it Safe

Whenever someone is given a position of trust in the work place it is very common for a background check to be done as they will be dealing the things of value. To me there is nothing as valuable as my children and if we are going to trust our children to someone then we should certainly expect no less.
As Fall approaches, the season of many sports and activities also begin – Soccer, Ice Skating, Swimming...... Once you have chosen a program appropriate for your child find out if the staff, coaches, and volunteers are properly trained or supported by an organization. But most importantly make sure that they are required to have background checks done. Both criminal and sexual offence checks.
Although background checks cannot guarantee to prevent sexual abuse; it is a good first step. The most important tool is communication with your child and informing them of situations such as being alone with the coach and the difference of appropriate and inappropriate touching. Make sure as parents that you have done your part to create a healthy and safe environment for your child and every child in your youth sports organization. Here’s to a safe and fun season ahead!


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