Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Where there's smoke

At 12:39 am last Sunday night, one of our guards, William reported that he smelt smoke on his site but could not find the source. At 1:32 am, William reported that the Fire Department found a smoldering fire in the wood shop; it seems that the table saw was shorting out and igniting the sawdust.
Imagine if this was detected too late! This is a story we can all learn from. How often do we leave appliances plugged into sockets and then leave the house? We think that it’s safe because it’s “turned off”; however, electricity is still running through it. Let alone considering the things that are surrounding it, in this case, sawdust- easy to ignite and cause a serious fire. Most house, office and building fires are preventable, the first step is awareness. So be careful and remember to check your appliances before you leave.
I would also like to commend William for his attentiveness and his quick response while on duty.


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