Thursday, July 26, 2007

Genesis Is Recruiting

I recently commissioned a company named On Demand Production Network to produce a couple of videos for Genesis in relation to a few different themes, the first of which is focused on recruiting Security Guards for positions throughout the Lower Mainland.

The end result is that I am very impressed with the finished product and would like to post it for you to watch and submit your opinions or ideas on.

Videos such as these are an integral part of our company as we have developed into a very large supplier of security services and are always on the look-out for new people to come and join our organization. I apologize for the lower resolution, but as all you bloggers know this can sometimes be a problem as we are using to post the video.

Whether you are interested in becoming an Ambassador for the DVBIA, driving one of our Mobile Patrol units, working Static Guard positions or assisting us with the many high-profile Special Events that we do, such as the B.C. Lions Football games or the Rolling Stones concert we are more than ready to sit down and talk to you about starting your security career with us.

As an employer who firmly believes in employee engagement and ensuring the happiness and success of all of our employees we urge you to give us a call; you won’t be disappointed.

Anyone interested in On Demand Productions can give Jason Mackay a call at (778) 846 – 8510 or click on his name or the company name anywhere in this article and it will take you directly to their website.

Great job guys, I personally believe that you really outdid yourself.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Vancouver From the Top

I was at the DVBIA annual luncheon a few weeks back and ended up meeting Peter Alpin from the Canadian Traffic Network.

To make a long story short, Peter was kind enough to give me an invitation to take a ride on the CTN helicopter over the city of Vancouver.

A couple of weeks later we met and what can I tell you but, WOW!!!!!!

What an amazing view I had flying over the city and getting the birds eye view that I've never been fortunate to have before.

Stanley Park is truly an amazing creation that I enjoy walking through on a weekly basis, but now that I've seen it from the sky I am even more impressed with its size and overall beauty.

Thanks for the ride Peter, it was truly an amazing experience that I will soon not forget!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

CityTV Clip On Ambassador Expansion

I was checking my email the other day and noticed that one of my clients sent me a video from June the 21st that was originally part of a CityTV news story on the Downtown Ambassador program.

Basically it is in reference to our expansion into Yaletown and how the Ambassador has become a success in dealing with tourists, businesses, panhandlers and other concerns.

Aside from the Yaletown expansion, we have recently signed on South Granville and the West End Business Improvement Association.

I absolutely love being involved in this program as I feel that it makes a large impact on downtown Vancouver and working with the DVBIA has been a very rewarding experience for everyone in the company.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Summer Vacation Checks

Now that the rain has decided to stop pouring down on us and summer is officially here, I would like to remind everyone the importance of setting up their vacation checks with us and ensuring that it is done in the correct manner.

Aside from the fact that your insurance company will more than likely demand that these checks take place should you be away from your residence for more than 4 consecutive days, it is vital that you pass on all the correct contact information to us.

1. Please make sure you remember to inform our Main Office that you are leaving and supply them with departure and return timings.

2. Supply us with an authorization list of who is allowed to enter your residence along with any dates that you expect friends, relatives and/or contractors.

3. Talk to the people on your authorization list and make sure that they are aware that we will be stopping by and not to be alarmed.

4. Train the authorized people on the use of your system should you choose to allow them access to it. This will cut down on false alarm dispatching.

Remember that at Genesis we consider EVERY alarm an actual intrusion and will respond to your location immediately with this thought in mind.