Monday, July 10, 2006

Genesis Dedicates $1 Million to Community Patrol Program

Smart Car

The Community Patrol Program Commitment – Dedicating $1 Million by 2010.

So, you may be asking yourself... what is the Community Patrol Program?

Simply put, it's a totally free (yes, free!) security service that is dedicated to safeguarding your neighbourhood. As part of our program, fully trained and licensed security guards patrol your community in one of our environmentally-friendly Smart Cars and look out for missing or lost children, unsecured homes and businesses, and any suspicious activities.

The program was originally launched last June in Kerrisdale as a pilot project. But, because of the wonderful feedback and great success of ths program - we’ve decided to extend and expand this free service to other communities in Vancouver.

In fact, we already have! And we’re so excited about this commitment that on June 14th of this year, we held an official news conference to make this big announcement…

Over the next four years – by 2010 – we are committing nearly $1 million dollars to our Community Patrol Program so that we can provide this free, 24/7 service to more communities around Greater Vancouver.

Why do we do this? Of course, it’s great for us to get exposure and be in these communities – your community – but it’s also our firm belief that this is a valuable and necessary community service.

And it’s totally and completely free – with no cost to you!

Along with patrolling the Kerrisdale area, we're now also now in the areas of Dunbar and Southlands.

Click here to view a full map of the patrolled area.

As part of the Community Patrol Program, we're also providing free seminars to neighborhood Block Watch and volunteer groups, as well as concerned citizens - offering useful tips and tools about how to keep your family, home and business safe.

How do we do this? Easy. As the program grows, and as neighbourhoods become more supportive of our services, those funds are re-invested into the program – allowing us to continue offering this free service to you and your community.

We also work on a continual basis with the Vancouver Police Department – who have actually reported to us that property crime in the Kerrisdale area has gone down since last year.
Our goal here at Genesis is to help keep your community safe and be a part of the neighbourhood.

We make an effort to be a part of the community – and we’re there to help. So feel free to give us a call anytime if you have any home or neighbourhood-related security questions or concerns (604-684-7678).

And have a safe and happy summer!



Welcome to the Genesis Community Patrol blog!

Welcome to the Genesis Community Patrol blog!

Why the blog? We thought this would be an ideal way for our team to easily provide you with the most recent, essential information and updates on how best to keep your home and business safe.

Because this blog is about you – the community – we’ll also provide you with new information and updates on the free, 24/7 Community Patrol Program, as well as answer any security-related questions or concerns that you may have. Consider this blog as your discussion and information forum. You can either email me directly with your questions, or post them right into the blog. We’ll make sure to respond to your questions as soon as possible.

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