Wednesday, September 09, 2009

New Genesis Training Academy

Sorry I haven't update in a while. I have been very busy! We have expanded our training academy which teaches BST and now AST into a new office and I, personally, have been doing the renovations. The school has been open for about two weeks now and its official opening will be on September 24th! The space looks great. It is perfect as a training school. It has a carpeted area where the instructor can teach and a back space where tactical training can be taught. It has been great with the new introduction of AST because the space is great for physical training.

Along with the new training academy, Genesis wanted to be somehow apart of the Olympics and has decided to offer a free Saturday training session starting on October 3rd. This training is to provide security guards who will be obtaining a 90 day security license with the key concepts of the security industry. I think this will be great so that we can ensure the safety of everyone during the Olympics. Big things are happening for Genesis and I will keep everyone updated!