Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ambassador Program Additions

Last month I was discussing how Genesis had been fortunate enough to be awarded the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Associations Ambassador and Loss Prevention program for a period of three years.

Awarding this contract to us was not only a testament to our ability to provide this service with the highest level of professionalism possible, it was as well a statement that directly reflects recognition for our past and current reputation for Community involvement.

From the beginning days of our Community Patrol it was and still is our primary objective to be able to provide this service to all of Vancouver and while our most recent donation of $1 000 000.00 towards the program will go a long way in achieving this goal; announcements such as the one below is whats going to make the difference.

Both the Yaletown Business Improvement Association and the South Granville Business Improvement Association have signed deals that will provide each of these groups with Ambassadors that Genesis Security will supply.

As we have already discussed, the Ambassador program is a total fit for Genesis due to the high level of Community involvement that occurs through the service and each Ambassador’s commitment to enhancing the overall image of Vancouver to both residents and tourists alike.

We are very excited to be a part of this expansion and welcome aboard these two Associations to the DVBIA’s Ambassador Program.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Granville St. Patrol

Tonight Genesis Security begins their first night of patrolling the Granville Entertainment District with a crew of 8 highly trained Guards and I have to comment on how great it is to be back on this street assisting businesses, the police and the public.

As a company that has become part of the Community by way of it's unique programs and willingness to commit its resources, the Vancouver Hospitality Council has recognized this very distinct philosophy that drives our business and have now employed Genesis to provide the services that we have been delivering for years in the Lower Mainland area. From Kerrisdale to the DVBIA and SBIA Genesis Security is known as a company that shows its commitment to the community and willingness to become involved in innovative new ways.

As the link to this CBC news article explains, the Hospitality Council are already taking measures to ensure public safety in this district due to the Vancouver Canucks success and their guaranteed spot in the playoffs this year. With this spot comes the notion that there will be a more than usual amount of people on the street and security will be required to assist in ensuring the good time doesn’t get out of hand.

As President and CEO of Genesis Security I am very proud that we will be assisting in this project and believe that once again it is a testament to our reputation in this city as a company that can handle any job, no matter how difficult it may be.

See you on the streets!!!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Evening With A Driver

One of my Community Patrol drivers, Carolyn, had asked if she could submit an article for this very blog based on one of her night shifts and I told her that we would love to have a “guest” writer who could give our loyal readers a fresh perspective.
With that being said, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Carolyn, a proud member of the Genesis Security team:

Here is a quick pic of Carolyn and her co-worker Jason as they stand by one of the Genesis Smart Car's

“Since working the Community Patrol for Genesis I have found it to be a very rewarding job. I work the graveyard shift and most people think that it must be not a very exciting shift since the majority of people are sleeping.
While driving the night shift I have heard a lot of good feedback from people who live in the Kerrisdale area and that they feel safer now that they know of the 24/7 Community Patrol that Genesis has created.
When I work the night shift I have my usual Commercial business checks and I also keep an eye out for anything that looks suspicious. Our goal is to keep the community safe.

An example of this would be like last Friday night.

I had just driven up to W. 49th and East Boulevard where a hit and run accident had just occurred. Upon pulling over I grabbed my flashlight and walked over to the car that was sitting in the intersection observing that the entire back-end of the car was smashed in.

Talking to the driver, a lady who appeared to be in shock, I asked if she was okay and she replied that she was not. I then talked to a Good Samaritan who had stopped to see if the lady was okay. Being informed that the ambulance and fire department were already called I asked her if she saw anything and she said no, so I turned and talked once again to the driver and introduced myself, asking her where she was having pain. She replied the back of her head and back. I told her not to move and that the ambulance had been called and that they would be here soon.

Asking her if she saw the other car that hit her I was told that it was a red car and that it had turned left down East Boulevard. At this time I reassured her once again, telling her that I would stay with her until the ambulance arrived. I also inquired if there was anybody she wanted me to call and she stated no, that she was worried about waking up her husband as he had to work in the morning.

When the ambulance and fire department showed up I talked to the fire men and told them what had happened. I gave them the company cell number and they thanked me for stopping and attending to the driver. I then talked to the ambulance people and told them that I patrol the area and would keep an eye out for a red car with front end damage.

I left the scene and began patrolling the area and much to my surprise, within twenty minutes I found a car that was suspicious enough to notify the police. It was dumped in an alley and it was red with a lot of front end damage. The officer was very happy with the call and asked me to stay until a unit arrived to check it out which of course I didn’t mind at all.
I was glad I was able to help as that is the reason for the Community Patrol that Genesis has.”

Once again, a big thanks to Carolyn for taking the time to write this article for my blog and we look forward to hosting other employees as guest writers in the near future.