Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trick or Treat with Caution

Most of us think that Halloween is just a time of fun and treats; however, many children are injured and some killed while walking on this night than any other evenings of the year. Parents can help prevent these injuries by making sure their children are following these tips:
• Wearing clothing that is bright, reflective, and flame retardant.
• Use flashlights, stay on sidewalks, and avoid crossing yards.
• Cross streets at the corner, use crosswalks (where they exist), and do not cross between parked cars.
• Go only to well-lit houses and remain on porches rather than entering houses.
• Bring treats home before eating them so parents can inspect them.
For children under 12, it is a good idea to have an adult supervise the trick-or-treating and for those older, a curfew should be established. As important as it is preparing your child to be safe for that night, it is just as important to make it safe for others. Make sure your house is well lit and that you are not giving away treats that may pose as a choking hazard for young children. Remember that although Halloween activities should be fun and harmless, they could also be dangerous. Darkness, weather and excitement are all contributing factors, but we can all help with proper supervision and hazard awareness to create a safer environment for our children.