Friday, April 06, 2007

Granville St. Patrol

Tonight Genesis Security begins their first night of patrolling the Granville Entertainment District with a crew of 8 highly trained Guards and I have to comment on how great it is to be back on this street assisting businesses, the police and the public.

As a company that has become part of the Community by way of it's unique programs and willingness to commit its resources, the Vancouver Hospitality Council has recognized this very distinct philosophy that drives our business and have now employed Genesis to provide the services that we have been delivering for years in the Lower Mainland area. From Kerrisdale to the DVBIA and SBIA Genesis Security is known as a company that shows its commitment to the community and willingness to become involved in innovative new ways.

As the link to this CBC news article explains, the Hospitality Council are already taking measures to ensure public safety in this district due to the Vancouver Canucks success and their guaranteed spot in the playoffs this year. With this spot comes the notion that there will be a more than usual amount of people on the street and security will be required to assist in ensuring the good time doesn’t get out of hand.

As President and CEO of Genesis Security I am very proud that we will be assisting in this project and believe that once again it is a testament to our reputation in this city as a company that can handle any job, no matter how difficult it may be.

See you on the streets!!!


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