Thursday, January 25, 2007

Benefits of the Home Check

A couple of Monday’s ago one of our Community Patrollers was completing a Home Check for a Genesis client who was away on extensive leave and discovered a ruptured pipe that had began leaking due to the freezing temperatures.

Thankfully he was able to turn off the water supply and contact the Property Reference before any extensive damage was done, but it did get me thinking about what a valuable tool the Home Checks are and the role they can play in your home insurance policy.

Looking for more details I contacted one of our brokers, Tracy Dodds CIP Senior Account Executive for Lansdowne Insurance Agencies. I asked her what exactly could disqualify a homeowner from filing a claim in this type of situation.

Tracy responded that loss due to freezing is not covered if the insured premises are unoccupied 4 or more consecutive days and a competent person has not been attending
the dwelling each day of your absence to ensure that the heat has been maintained OR if the water supply has not been shut off and all pipes and domestic water containers drained.

Remember next time you leave for holidays or any other extended period of time the importance of the above noted information and please feel free to call our offices for more information relating to the Home Check at 604-684-7678 or contact Tracy through Lansdowne Insurance Agencies at 604-717-1489.


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