Friday, December 08, 2006

Business Advisory

I was just going through my email and thought that the local businesses would be
interested in this email I just received concerning fraudulent invoicing.

“Numerous businesses from across BC have reported receiving an invoice from CRS Central Registration Service for $966 USD or, if paid within 7 days, $917.30 USD. The invoice claims that if the business does not pay the invoice for "standard registration via hosting service" for the company's website, "the domain registration will be deleted." Companies that received this invoice have confirmed to us CRS Central Registration Service does not currently host or register their domain name or website.

If you read the "terms of business" included with the invoice, the company appears to be selling a listing in its online business database for a period of one year. These terms also stipulate that in order to cancel, the business must provide written notification three months before the one year period ends by registered letter or the contract will automatically be renewed.

"This company appears to be sending an invoice designed to trick you into paying an exorbitant fee for services you do not need," says Sheila Charneski, President of the BBB, Mainland BC. "Such schemes are becoming more and more common. When receiving an invoice from any business, make sure your employees are trained to be aware of potential schemes and that your company has internal accounting controls to protect it."

Health Canada has issued an alert to businesses about a phone scam. In this scam, the caller claims that Health Canada has a new requirement that all businesses must purchase a "health care kit" or "pandemic kit" for $299. Health Canada advises that there is no such requirement nor does Health Canada have such a kit.

For more details on this advisory, check the Health Canada website at “


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