Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Notification & Authorization

While reading the Shift Reports of our Mobile and Community Patrol Guards, I have began to observe a trend relating directly to homeowners on vacation and the various people who have access to their home while they are away.

Several times this month our Guards have had situations occur whereupon people who are authorized to enter a residence while the homeowner is away have done so without any knowledge of the correct access code to disarm the alarm system.

Upon arrival, our personnel are also discovering that the homeowner has not notified us of their departure and that the people they have let access their homes are not on our notification or authorization listings.

In order to ensure that your friends, relatives and contractors have unobstructed access to your business or residence while you are away I would like to suggest that you do the following before leaving:

1. Notify our office of your vacation departure/return date and we will immediately review your authorization/notification list with you to ensure its accuracy.

2. Talk to the people who have the authority to enter your home about the
proper procedure for arming and disarming your alarm system.

For your safety and protection we consider every alarm to be an actual intrusion and regardless of what the actual circumstances are, Genesis will dispatch their response team to your location.


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