Monday, October 02, 2006

What a Difference a Door Makes!

The primary purpose of a door is to keep the bad people on the outside away from the good people and their valuable possessions on the inside.

The bad people on the outside of your door have criminal minds but that does not necessarily mean they are not intelligent. Quite often those criminals are very clever. Very, very clever. And determined. Determined to steal your valuable possessions.

However, not unlike many humans, criminals usually follow the path of least resistance. If they think it's easier for them to steal than to work, they will do so. And if they think it's easier to steal from you than your neighbour, they will do so.

The smarter thieves may have determined that you have cheap doors, locks and windows days before they break in to your house. They'll come up with plausible reasons to knock on your door and quickly determine whether or not your house is begging to be burgled.

Even the laziest of thieves know the difference between good and bad doors, locks and windows. All thieves prowling the streets at night, and there are more and more of them, are looking for a house with cheap doors, locks and windows.

It makes no difference if the thieves are spur-of-the-moment desperadoes or clever professionals who do their homework - the common denominator is that they are all looking for a house that is begging to be burgled.

I invite you to take this test. Imagine that you have a ‘beginner’s mind’. Approach your house as if you’ve never walked up to it before in your life. And ask yourself the question that thieves will ask themselves: “Is this an easy target? How quickly can I get in?” If you don’t like the answers, it’s probably time to consider upgrading the security of your home.

You've worked hard for what you have - don't make it easy for thieves to take it away from you.


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