Tuesday, February 27, 2007

DVBIA Awards Contract to Genesis

Another fantastic week for Genesis Security as I have just signed a three-year contract with the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association that names us as the provider of services for the very popular Downtown Ambassador and Loss Prevention program.

Pictured above and to the right is Dave Sukic, our Director of Community Services, myself, Mr. Charles Gauthier the DVBIA's Executive Director and Mr. Dave Jones, the Director of Crime Prevention Services for the DVBIA.

Many security companies with impeccable reputations competed for this contract throughout the Lower Mainland and Genesis Security won it on the basis of our ability to be creative and approach these types of programs in a non-traditional manner.

The Ambassadors play an integral part to the downtown core by providing hospitality services and crime prevention to the 90 block area of the DVBIA that is home to over 8000 businesses, property owners and tenants.

The primary roles of the Ambassadors are to:

• assist the public with directions and inquiries about the district, its businesses and its services.
• respond to calls concerning specific incidents (suspicious persons, tourists with special needs, first aid situations and similar events).
• provide an effective street presence, monitoring and deterring criminal activities in parking facilities and other areas accessible to the public.
• report crime and "quality of life" concerns to appropriate agencies and assist in mitigating these from taking root.
• complete accurate and concise daily incident reports on issues attended to and follow-up with other agencies to effect resolution of problems.
• a walking service (safewalk) to escort employees and visitors to their vehicles, where safety might be a concern, and where feasible.

To all of us here at Genesis Security, this contract is viewed as being proof of our success in relation to our innovative Community Patrol program and the total impact that it has had in the Vancouver area.

By way of the alternative approaches that we take and the returns that we give back to the community, Genesis has in fact become the security provider that people and businesses can depend upon to deliver programs that work.

We thank the DVBIA and its membership for allowing us this opportunity and look forward to working with them beginning April 1st, 2007.

To further check out the DVBIA and the role it plays in Vancouver, click on the title to this story and it will take you to their website.


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