Friday, October 26, 2007

Article In The Province

Just a quick note to all our readers out there that on the 17th of October, Genesis Security had a feature article in the Province newspaper which related directly to our services and the free Community Patrol that we have established and recently expanded upon, in the community.

As the article clearly states, it is our intention to expand this free program across the Fraser Valley and eventually the entire province of British Columbia. As a community, we all need to be proactive in our approach to crime and act as the extra eyes and ears that will assist our police whenever possible, which is exactly what we hope to accomplish with the Community Patrol.

Building this company over the past ten years from 6 employees to over 500 has been possible not only because of my professional, loyal staff; but as well it is due to our commitment to the Community and our clients recognizing this and reinvesting in us.

Genesis will continue to look for new and innovative ways to assist all of our neighbors and I can personally tell you that I look forward to the next ten years of serving your needs.


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