Friday, August 03, 2007

Panhandler In Custody

Just a word of congratulations to one of my Loss Prevention Officers from the DVBIA Ambassador Program that was responsible for identifying the perpetrator involved in the violent robbery of a 79 year old Good Samaritan at Vancouver's Holy Rosary Cathedral Wednesday morning.

As the link to the story in the Province explains, this panhandler was given money every day that week but that still was not enough for this "person" who is a self-described "Professional Panhandler".

I am in agreement with what the VPD Officer stated in the story; it is best to remain polite, walk away and call police when confronted by an aggressive panhandler.

This is outstanding work that has been completed once again by our Loss Prevention team and I want to personally thank them for the effort all members of the team make on a daily basis and the contribution they are making to this community.

Outstanding job.


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