Monday, June 11, 2007

Just a quick note explaining what our top notch members of the undercover Loss Prevention team do on a daily basis and how they assist both the police and the community in various ways.

As part of the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Associations Ambassador contract that we were awarded, these plainclothes team members primary role is to:

  • identify, target, observe, deter and/or apprehend property crime offenders who prey on members and their businesses.
  • liaise with and assist the security professionals (contract and in-house), district police constables and member businesses with active problem sites by providing support in surveillance, incident reports and intelligence gathering.
  • prepare concise and detailed crown counsel reports of offenders for prosecution, requesting "no gos" to the area, and attending court on behalf of member businesses.
  • respect all protocols established with police and security professionals (contract and in-house) by notifying them as offenders enter their businesses or buildings.
  • respond to all members' concerns regarding known offenders, suspicious persons information requests and seeking proper resolutions to the matter.
  • be a link for the Downtown Ambassadors®, district constables, security professionals and member businesses.

In the course of performing these very difficult day-to-day duties, two of our members were able to spot and notify the police to the whereabouts of an individual who was wanted on a Canada Wide warrant. This warrant had only gone into effect the day before and due to the diligence of the Loss Prevention team he was apprehended by the Vancouver Police Department.

I would like to personally congratulate these two employees and the great job that the entire team, including the Ambassadors is doing in the downtown core.

Great job guys!!!


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