Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Spice Girls Security

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Now that the show is over and all the Spice Girls have departed via YVR for Los Angeles, I think it is now safe to announce that we were very pleased and honoured to have provided plain-clothes security for them at the Four Seasons Hotel while they stayed in Vancouver.

Running with an 18 person crew, our tasking was to maintain security on each floor of the Hotel throughout their four day stay with a finale of providing a 5 man detail for their YVR departure on Monday morning. I think we should give acknowledgement to the Airport on this one as well due to the fact that they allowed us to escort each girl right to the plane with no problems or delays whatsoever; save the papparazi!!!!! Just kidding guys, we actually found them to be very professional as well.

It was a pleasure working with Celebrity Protection Limited on this job, which is a U.K. based company that works all over the world and boasts a resume that includes such stars as Brad Pitt, Emma Thompson and George Michael. Lonny and Paul from CPL were fantastic to work with and they are true professionals when it comes to the business of Tour Security and Close Protection.

The Four Seasons security team were as well very professional and experienced, making our job so much easier with all the great assistance they provided.

In any case, we here the show was a great success which was enjoyed by all who attended and we wish the girls the very best with the remainder of their World Tour.


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