Thursday, November 29, 2007

Strathcona Business Improvement Association Christmas Social

This past Wednesday I attended the Strathcona Business Improvement Association’s Christmas Social, which was held down on 304 Dunleavy St. inside a very nice venue named “The Chapel”. This place is a mixture of art, music and I must say has a fantastic atmosphere. (Attached is picture of myself, John VanLuven – Executive Director of the SBIA and Kevin Flynn, my Vice President of Operations and Advanced Services).

While I was only able to stay for a short period of time, I was able to meet some new people and talk about our SBIA Patrol, which is a service that patrols the Strathcona area for up to 16 hours a day throughout the year, seven days a week.

Basically this program is intended to protect property, assist the police and deter street activity within the district; but what I really like about it is the reporting functions that we have created to track all activity that our Guards encounter while on duty.

Accompanied the detailed reporting, which is managed by our HanDbase custom written program on Treo cellular phones, is an excellent mapping system that geographically plots all incidents by category for the SBIA Executive.

This program is one of the most exciting that I am involved in and I really look forward to what Genesis can do for the SBIA over the next couple of years.

Thanks to all the SBIA members who have supported our program thus far and a special thanks for inviting myself and Kevin to your special Holiday Festivities.


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