Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Genesis Security Pilots New BST Program

We are very proud to have been part of a team of Security companies in British Columbia that participated in reviewing the BST (Basic Security Training) 1 and 2 program with the Justice Institute and making several recommendations for change.

Even more so, it is a great honor for all of us at Genesis to be the very first Training Academy in B.C. to offer the new pilot BST program.

As you are all aware of, there have been a lot of questions lately regarding licensing of Guards and the level of training that they receive. Travis Lupick of the Georgia Straight wrote an excellent article last month in reference to this and the possible changes that were being studied and given implementation dates.

The Justice Institute should be commended for this initiative and the tremendous amount of work that went into developing this new pilot.

A quick synopsis of the changes:

BST 1: additional legislation with regards to Human Rights, improvement to the Law portion with regards to criminal intent and better practice sessions to reinforce the material

BST 2: amendments to the tactical portion with an actual reduction in the types and more focus on fewer techniques.

While the article discusses even more changes that are being proposed, studied and awaiting enactment; the pilot program is showing all concerned parties that there is movement forward.

When I spoke to Danny Rosales, our Head Instructor, about these changes he commented that the course is now more in depth and better prepares the student to prepare for their role as a Security Guard in today’s ever-changing industry.

At Genesis we are continually trying to develop new programs and be on the cutting edge of our industry and I am very pleased that this program provides another example of exactly how we are accomplishing this.


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