Saturday, November 03, 2007

Extra Patrols Provided

Well, now that Halloween has come and gone I am very pleased to announce that our Community Patrol staff reported no major incidents. Aside from offering some friendly advice to some individuals on the safe way to use fireworks I would have to say that the night was a huge success.

As mentioned in our previous Blog post and the newsletter that we sent out to some 200 businesses, Genesis provided extra patrolling services this particular night to ensure that all of our children enjoyed themselves Trick or Treating in the safest environment possible.

I would like to thank both the regular Community Patrol employees and my Executive Team members who came out to drive during this very busy night and rest assured that during other times throughout the year when we feel that an extra presence is required we will be there for our Community.

Should any readers happen to know of any incidents that we were unaware of, please feel free to email them to so that we may log them into our mapping program. This will enable us to perhaps design our routes more efficiently next Halloween and allow for an even more secure setting for all the kids!!!!!

See you next one.


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