Monday, November 19, 2007

Undercover LPO Team and Community Patrol…. What A Team!!!

I wanted to send a very quick thanks out to members of our Undercover Loss Prevention Team, which we manage through the DVBIA, who participated in a police operation last week that targeted property offenders in Vancouver.

Our guys worked strange hours on this one and were directly responsible for assisting with the apprehension of at least 10 individuals. Considering this project was only three days long, that number seems even more impressive to me.

Chief Chu seems to be impressed as well. He recently sent the pictured letter to our team congratulating them on all their hard work and the pointing out that since 2003 the LPO team has made more then 1700 arrests!!!!! (Please be advised that we had to cut the recipients name out of the letter due to the nature of their employment, however each LPO member did receive a copy).

Great work again guys, we all really appreciate your day to day efforts.

Speaking of assisting Police and getting kudos, we better mention our Community Patrol team as well.

A couple of weeks back they were getting their daily briefing at the Kerrisdale Community Police Station and received information regarding a suspect who was wanted for Break and Enter.

Upon leaving the station, they proceeded to the suspect areas and began a detailed patrol.

Working together as a team they quickly identified someone who they believed to be the suspect earlier described to them.

Verifying the identity through the Kerrisdale Community Policing Centre, the Police were then dispatched and able to take the person of interest into custody.

Another great example of why the Community Patrol works and the fantastic people who work every single day to make it happen.

Thanks guys.


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