Friday, November 23, 2007

City Tv Clip

I happened to be going through my media files the other day and noticed that I forgot to post an excellent piece on the Ambassador Program that ran on City TV last month and featured two of our very best, Kerri-Lynne and Joe.

The piece basically gives a general outline of the very diverse work that the Ambassadors engage in every day with topics such as crime prevention and tourist assistance touch on; it even mentions the fact that Kerri-Lynne has been directly responsible for recovering over 64 stolen automobiles!!!

Give this clip a watch and I think you will be impressed with the professionalism of our staff and the various services that the Ambassadors offer.

Remember that this program is administered by Genesis Security through the Downtown Business Improvement Association and also please note the Genesis logo on the uniform as this is the first time the DVBIA has allowed a security company to do this.

Great interview team.


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