Friday, November 28, 2008

Guess who's coming to town?

Get the kids and family together and head down to the 5th Annual Rogers Santa Claus Parade on Sunday Dec 7th @ 1:00pm for a wonderful start to the holiday season. As last year we will be participating in the parade with a few of our vehicles decorated up in Christmas style. This year we where very happy to hear that we where selected to also provide assistance in key parade positions. We look forward to seeing you all there and try and guess which Christmas costume I'm in. I have provided some information collected off the official parade website for your convenience. See you there!

What to Wear

* Go for classic west coast style (fleece, waterproof jackets and comfortable waterproof footwear).
* Dress in layers to keep warm.
* Remember that umbrellas will unfortunately block the view, so please leave them at home.

Parade Etiquette

Secure your spot on Santa’s nice list! Follow these Rogers Santa Claus Parade protocols

* Respect parade officials. Your safety and that of your family is paramount. Obey all instructions to avoid Santa’s naughty list!
* S marks the spot - someone else’s that is! Never move or occupy an empty chair. This curbside spot has been reserved.

Consider others

* Wear your rain gear. Umbrellas block the view.
* Be nice. Allow families with children to sit in front. We short people appreciate it too!
* Say “excuse me” or “I’m sorry” if you bump or step on someone in the crowd.
* Don’t smoke.
* Property…a respectful reminder: climbing on or sitting atop anything belonging to Global TV, Canada Post, dumpster companies, et al is a definite don’t!


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