Monday, September 29, 2008

Watch out Criminals!

Hello everyone, I just wanted to share some very exciting news with you all. As I'm sure your aware that we started our overnight Ambassador patrol with the Downtown Vancouver Business Association on Sept 2 and have received a very positive response from businesses and the homeless people that we encounter. We are now able to add crime fighters to our list of accomplishments for our overnight team. On Sunday morning at approx 0500 am our team observed a male breaking through a security fence in front of a popular jewelery store in the Downtown core. The team set up as not to alert the suspect and contacted the Vancouver Police Department about the current situation. The suspect was seen entering the store and after about a minute,leaving with a backpack at a brisk pace. The team followed the suspect until the Police apprehended the male a few blocks away. I just wanted to congratulate Will and his team and the Vancouver Police on an excellent job.


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