Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bank Robbery Updates

As detailed in a previous blog, two of our Undercover Loss Prevention Team members were responsible some time ago for the apprehension of known bank robber who at that time was suspected of several robberies throughout the Vancouver area.

Due to our team member’s actions in assisting with bringing that particular culprit into custody, it has just been announced that the Canadian Bankers Association (CBA) has approved, through the Vancouver Robbery Coalition to recognize these fantastic and very talented employees of Genesis Security at the next meeting, which is scheduled for September.

These employees are part of what makes Genesis such a well-known company within the Community and I truly appreciate everything they did that day.
Congratulations guys, you deserve it!!!!

Along the same lines, we just received word as well that another of the Undercover Loss Prevention team members was instrumental in the apprehension of yet another suspected bank robber this past week.

While for obvious reasons we cannot name the employee of Genesis involved, we would like to extend our thanks for performing at such a level and assisting in the apprehension of the accused.


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