Friday, August 29, 2008

Another Ambassador Case File

I received a case report from the Ambassador Program the other day that to me is a fantastic example of what they do on a daily basis and how sometimes they can make a dramatic impact, in the positive, on someones life.

This particular file describes how one of our Ambassadors was patrolling the Davie St area and came across an adult male who seemed "out of sorts". By simply approaching the male in question and listening attentively, without judgement, it became clear that this person was contemplating suicide.

By furthering our discussion with this man, we were able to ascertain his counsellors name and when asked if we wanted him to contact this person, he responded that he did. With one Ambassador calling the counsellor and the other calling the VPD I am happy to say that this situation was ultimately resolved with the arrival of the VPD.

While none of us can say that the person in question will live happily ever after, we can say that our team did a great job in just listening and showing this person that we do care and are there for the Community when called upon.

I personally want to thank the Ambassadors in question for doing this great job and making a potentially life-altering stop, by simply taking the time to ask a few simple questions.

Job well done team.


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