Thursday, December 20, 2007

Genesis Parkade Security Video

The above video came to my attention today from one of the many Strata's that we manage security for and I was so impressed by its content that I felt it should just go up right away as a warning to other buildings that maintain secure parkades.

In this video you will clearly see a vehicle enter into the secure parkade and continue to drive forward before the gate fully closes. The consequence of this one very small inaction results in what you will view to be an unidentified individual stop the gate before it fully closes and enter into the parkade area. This particular parkade area is in a very exclusive setting and in my opinion a lot of damage could have been done by the perpetrator.

Fortunately, our Guard was conducting his patrols and encountered the individual seen in the tape approximately 7 seconds after this video ends. When confronted by the Genesis Guard, he stated that he was looking for recyclables and that the gate was open (yet on the video he is clearly shown reaching under and stopping it from fully closing).

I cannot stress how important it is to bring your vehicle to a complete stop once you have entered a secure parkade and ensure that the gate is fully closed before carrying on with parking.

When our Guard spoke to the driver of the vehicle, they stated that this was the very first time that they have ever NOT stopped before the gate fully closed, yet that is all it takes; just one time.

You should also be aware as well that the same individual in the tape who entered the parkade on foot also tried the same trick the day before with a water bottle, but thankfully due to the weight of the gate the bottle was crushed.

Be safe everyone and make sure you take the small amount of time that is necessary to ensure that no uninvited "guests" obtain access to your building.


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