Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Vancouver Courier Ambassador Poll

The Vancouver Courier is currently conducting a poll in relation to the current matter of the Downtown Ambassador expanding into other neighbourhoods and whether or not you believe that public money should be used for this purpose.

The exact question, as posed on the Courier’s website is:

“Do you support spending public money to extend the private security "Downtown Ambassadors" to other neighbourhoods?”

As of today, the poll is indicating that 76.38% approve of the spending while 23.62% disagree with the proposed allotment.

Genesis Security is contracted through the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association to manage the Ambassador and Loss Prevention Program and as the people on the street; we truly believe that this service makes a positive impact within the community. This is a very exciting time for our company and we are very proud to be the company that will assist with the expansion into other BIA's.

Please log onto the Vancouver Couriers website and support this very valuable service by voting YES today.


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