Thursday, March 27, 2008

Genesis Security and the Ambassador Expansion

This past Saturday I attended a press conference that was hosted by our Mayor, Sam Sullivan, that was in reference to the impending expansion of our Downtown Ambassador Program and the soon to be 24/7 service in the downtown core (They currently run from 0700 to 2230 hrs each day).

As discussed in the Province, this program which was the initiative of the DVBIA, our Ambassadors’ are responsible for assisting the police in arresting over 50 people a month and alerting them to crimes in progress. I personally am aware of two incidents in the last couple of weeks where they identified and were responsible for the apprehension of two people who were breaking into vehicles at night. Apart from the above, the Ambassadors also provide an invaluable service to the Community by assisting tourists and homeless people throughout the areas that they patrol.

A section of the article discusses how a panhandler states that our teams are always polite when asking him to move away from active businesses and their doorways and that they as well ask him if he knows about the free places where he can find food.

I am very excited about this expansion of services and hours and have watched our Operational Team plan for this down to the smallest detail over the past few months; ensuring that everything is ready and runs smoothly when the time comes.

This is a fantastic service to the community and we as a company are very proud to support it on a daily basis.


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